I have often opined that newspapers should go back to being weekly, and that daily news coverage was a waste.  I know how ridiculous that sounds; but think of the time and energy we waste on headlines and stories that will turn out to be false or insignificant within hours, days, or weeks.  With that in mind, I’m going to do a little experiment:  from of number of the daily sources I waste my time on, I have gathered headlines to post here.  At a later date, I will come back to see which ones were worth paying attention to.  If nothing else, I hope this serves as a “snapshot” of where the news coverage is this morning.

So which stories are still newsworthy and being referenced a year later?

International Issues

  • Obama to urge UN to confront roots of Muslim rage
  • Obama to vow to keep nuclear weapons away from Iran in UN speech--still being referenced daily
  • “Israel will be eliminated…” –Ahmadinejad–his words live on beyond his presidency
  • Ahmadinejad:  capitalism causes homosexuality
  • Obama admits Libya assault “wasn’t just mob action”–the mainstream media buries this story, but it’s still vital
  • New SARS-like virus detected in the Middle East
  • America’s deadly double tap drone attacks are “killing 49 people for every known terrorist in Pakistan”

American Politics

  • 2012: Obama USDA offering women, Hispanic farmers over $1.3 billion in “discrimination” payouts
  • New voting laws may keep 10 million Hispanics away from the polls…and tip election to Romney
  • Unskewed polls show major surprise for Obama [Pro-Romney]
  • Obama sweep!  Now leads in all key states, even NC, Nevada, Colo.–We still hear about his mandate
  • Obama on the View:  I’m just “eye candy”
  • Obama to release 55 Gitmo inmates


  • Health premiums up $3,000; Obama vowed $2,5000 cut–actual numbers are still on the way
  • Young adults flock to parents’ homes as sour economy limits jobs
  • Dodgy WI-FI and a confused Siri:  flurry of faults bug first iPhone 5 users
  • Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5s, fewer than analysts predicted

NYS Politics

  • AG:  New plan will monitor NY government and school budgets
  • Fracking to be topic at Tea Party meeting
  • Cuomo:  No timetable on Health Department fracking review–a year later, and no change; but still in the news


  • SAT reading scores lowest since 1972
  • Complaints mount against Michelle O’s new lunch menu–new stories document states dropping the program
  • Morning-after-pill to be available at 13 NYC high schools
  • New evaluations scare off teachers from taking interns
  • Kindergarteners to applaud “gay” history?–just this week the president praised homosexual ed to kindergarteners
  • Kids warned:  don’t bounce on trampolines


  • Replacement ref furor grows after wild Seattle win
  • Feds brace for historic stink bug outbreak
  • Vet school opens animal obesity clinic

I was seriously tempted to do two things as I compiled this list from 7 different sources this morning:  I wanted to expand or comment on many of them; and I really wanted to put the “stink bug outbreak” under the US Politics heading.  But I was good.