Here’s the wrong question:  Should the President get congressional approval before sending a military strike against Syria?

Here’s the right question:  Who died and left America boss?

There was a time when the free nations of the world needed help arming and defending themselves against evil regimes intent on their destruction; the United States stood strong with our friends and allies.  Because of God’s blessings and two broad oceans, we had the resources that our allies needed to preserve their existence.

There was a time when the free nations of the world determined to stop the spread of militaristic communist tyranny over defenseless neighboring states; the US answered the call to help the international community.  Once again, God’s goodness to us enabled us to take a leading role within a joint effort.

Than came a time when politicians began to see themselves as defenders not of allied nations or international victims but of “flavor-of-the-month” oppressed ethnic or ideological groups.  Certain American leaders, even while they apologized for being military and economic busybodies, stepped up to take sides against recognized nations struggling against rebellion, civil unrest, and civil war.  (Can anyone remember the last time America stood militarily with an established government and against the violent minority attempting to overthrow them?)

And so we end up with a situation where we have come to rely on such demagoguery as, “If we let Syria get away with using chemical weapons, we’ll have to let everybody use them.”  Our mainstream media somehow buys into the idea that any heterogeneous mob deserves our support as long as they claim to want freedom.  We can overlook the fact that radical-extremist-religious terrorist factions are at the heart of a violent revolution as long as they can get ignorant anarchists to march in the streets and make noises about “oppression” and “civil rights”.

The logical conclusion to our political confusion is a peace-prize-winning president threatening war against an internationally-recognized state if it doesn’t follow our rules; followed by embarrassing attempts at political buck-passing when it is clear that no nation in the world (including Israel) needs or wants our help in “resolving” an international non-incident.  The problem when an American administration gets too big for its britches is that it is only a matter of time before less-attractive aspects of the executive anatomy are put on public display.  Oops.  When a rash leader goes commando, he runs the risk of being exposed.  In this case, he is calling on the congress to cover his butt.

Do I approve of gassing civilians or even soldiers?  Of course not.  It’s appalling.  But I’m not in charge of bringing judgment and justice to someone else’s house.  God is alive and He’s the boss–the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Some things we just have to trust Him to deal with in His time and in His way.