I’m sure that my family is getting sick of my complaining when the news is on.

For quite some time now, the 30-minute evening tv news has wasted precious time each night reporting on people who, in my opinion, are NOT more important than the real news stories they replace.

For example:  last night the news featured a story on the the difficulties a certain Mr. Snowden is having finding a new home.  Never mentioned were the new documents he continues to leak daily–the latest detailing the US government’s spying on France, Germany, and other allies in Europe.  Those nations, because of the revelations, have threatened to hold up or boycott trade talks–but that didn’t make the cut for the broadcast I watched.

Other recent stories have focused on three past Nobel Peace Prize winners.  Frankly, I can’t find much evidence that any of them did much to achieve peace, but that is overlooked in the rush to report on them as international celebrities.  In fact, I looked on line to find out what one of them had done to benefit mankind; the answer according to Ask.com was “He won the Nobel Peace prize.”  So he is a hero because someone called him a hero.

A few years back, a candidate for President was asked who his hero was, and he replied, “Jesus Christ.”  Do you remember the ridicule he received from the mainstream media for verbalizing his admiration for the Prince of Peace?  Maybe it was because Jesus never won a Nobel prize.