Apart from the oxymoron of calling 2 men “lone,” let me observe a few things based on the items being reported:

  • The brothers read and passed on information designed and published by others, with specific instructions on how to kill and maim people.
  • One brother returned to his homeland where he received indoctrination and training from other people.
  • They hung out with and even roomed with other people who proudly identified themselves as “terroristas”.
  • They read and announced their agreement and sympathy with the writings of others (and specifically al queda).
  • They have been aided and comforted  by the words of others whom they respect and admire–especially their father and an aunt.

These two brothers may have done the bombing on their own without any direct outside participation, but the fact is that they have attached themselves to and acted with the guidance and approval of an international terror network–Extreme Islam.  There are no lone wolves among the jihadists–only footsoldiers sent on solo missions.  When will we realize that the attackers are not the threat; the real danger comes from the evil machinations of Extreme Islam?

Let’s stop talking about lone wolves and home-grown terrorists.  Let’s stop talking about the Chechnyan revolution against Russia.  Let’s stop expressing outrage that they attacked us after all our country had done for them.  They are terrorists serving a foreign cause.  They are puppets in the hands of a wicked puppeteer who needs to be acknowledged, opposed, and eradicated.

We don’t need to see al queda around every corner, but we do need to see them when they attack us.  I know governmental official warn us not to jump to conclusion; but the fact is that all but 1 act of terror in the US in the last several years have been conducted by young male extremist muslims.  Homeland security has access to my library records; I vote that we allow them to do some ethnic profiling, and go after the real danger to me and my family.