Check out and consider this news report.  Did you hear about it anywhere else? Even Drudge posted it for only one day.

So in addition to the $200 Billion cuts that the Affordable Health Care Act is making in Medicare reimbursements to doctors beginning in 2014, now the administration is cutting an additional 2.3 percent from the Medicare Advantage cooperating insurance plans.  These are the private companies that work under Medicare’s umbrella to provide services for a set rate.  And what is the justification?

The medical providers in question have managed to keep their costs down while everybody else is increasing premiums.  That’s right:  efficiency and thrift have allowed these companies to run fairly profitably, even under the strict government regulations. 

But profitable companies might compete with the government’s own unprofitable programs, so we have to penalize them, lest their consumer base get the idea that private is better than public when it comes to health care insurance.

Note:  these cuts, designed to take place next year, were not proposed by the GOP or voted on by either house of Congress.  They are purely regulatory decisions coming from the Obama Administration, with word released in February and reported on by limited news outlets for one day in March. 

Bad policy + Bad media = increasing Executive power. 

Remember the Second Amendment.  We might really need it some day.