Here is a brief summary of a New Year’s sermon I have preached in the past.  All references are from Joshua 4 and 5.  I will let you fill in the details.

How to Get a New Start

Seek and follow godly advice.  (4:4-5)

Don’t go back to the old way, but remember how God brought you out. (4:19-24)

Make your relationship with God public, and then maintain a consistent testimony.  (5:2-8)

Renew your dedication to God’s ways–His commands, His principles, His wisdom.  (5:10)

Stop relying on the blessings of the past.  Seek–pursue–acquire–assimilate the new blessings God has prepared for you.  (5:11-12)

Seek wisdom in quiet moments.  (5:13a)

Test the spirits, but follow God’s leading with conviction and courage.  (5:13b-15)

May God establish you in your new year; tear down the walls that obstruct you; and give you victory in every endeavor for Him.