The President says we cannot tolerate this kind of gun violence any more.

Has he been tolerating it?  I haven’t–THERE IS SIMPLY NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT.

Wickedness, evil, murders and madness.  They have always been with us, and they will always be with us.  Even in Christ’s peaceful 1,000-year reign on earth, there will be criminals who are punished and executed.  So what makes us think we can stop them?

In reality, gun violence and mass murders have DECREASED over the last few decades (the peak was in the 1920’s).  Why do they seem so much worse today?  Wall-to-wall media coverage.

Why was so much false information broadcast on Friday?  Because the media were trying to fill hours of continuous broadcasts to keep viewers from changing the channel.  They reported everything that came their way–right, wrong, or ridiculous.

Gun control is NOT going to solve the problem.  Connecticut has one of the nation’s strictest gun laws; see what happened.  Countries like Ecuador where guns are completely banned have crime rates through the roof.  China has rigid gun restrictions; last week several school children were injured in a knife attack.  America’s worst school violence was not at Virginia Tech or Columbine–it was in 1927 when 3 bombs were used to attack a school.  Oklahoma city and the first World Trade Center attacks were carried out with bombs; 9-11 was perpetrated with box cutters and airplanes.

By the way:  how did the government respond to the dangers revealed by the 9-11 attacks?  By putting more armed security on duty at airports and even on the planes.

One reporter last night said that attempts at gun control would be “complicated” by the second amendment to the Constitution.  Here’s my opinion:  anytime the Constitution is complicating or preventing the action you want to carry out, YOU ARE PURSUING THE WRONG POLICIES.

Can schools be safer?  The schools with which I have been associated have all had similar safety plans to those in place in Connecticut.  That school did everything right, and 26 people died.  What more could they have done?  One historical episode gives me a clue.  Remember a few years back when a gunman tried to get into the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.?  The armed guard inside the door kept the madness from getting any farther than the foyer.

I am actually in favor of limited gun control, to the extent that I don’t see any reason that any citizen needs to have an assault rifle–even for protection.  Ban those like we ban hand grenades, bazookas, ground-to-air missiles, etc.  But beyond that, nothing else is reasonable, possible, or wise.  Are we really going to shut down all the gun shops and sporting goods stores?  Are we going to go door-to-door and confiscate every legal weapon?  (And gun registration is just the means to prepare for gun confiscation.)

The second amendment was written so that people could protect their homes and families–not only from predators, but from overreaching and tyrannical government.  We must not let the sensationalistic media (let’s call it what it is:  today’s yellow journalism) delude the ignorant masses into thinking that the government can solve their problems if we give Big Brother the right to abandon the Constitution. 

We all grieve for the families affected by the recent tragedies–but in reality, the only positive step that schools could take to make their institutions safer would be to put armed guards at the doors.  And by the way–don’t ask the federal government to help fund this one practical and effective measure; THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION HAS QUIETLY ELIMINATED FUNDING FOR SCHOOL SAFETY INITIATIVES FROM THE FEDERAL BUDGET OVER THE PAST 4 YEARS.

I don’t like being a fatalist, but here’s my closing thought:  the most effective measures to decrease violent crimes in America are to enable an economy that creates real jobs, and to teach our children to love God, respect authority, and recognize their place in society.  But I don’t see either of those things happening any time soon.