Last time, we read between the lines and used Scripture, history, and our sanctified imaginations to examine Matthew chapter 1.  This week we look at chapter 2.  Answers to follow in a few days! 


The Christmas Story in the Gospel of Matthew  Part 2

1.  Matthew 2:1 When were the days of Herod the King?

2.  Who were the Wise Men from the East?  How many were there?

3.  Why did they go to Jerusalem instead of to Bethlehem?

4.  v. 2 How did they know about a star, and why did they associate it with a King of the Jews?

5.   v. 3 Why would Herod, the “King of the Jews,” NOT know the prophecy about Bethlehem? 

6.  v. 6 How does Micah describe the Messiah?

7.  v. 7 What one question does Herod ask the magi?  What is their answer?  (Compare v. 16)  What is the significance of their answer?

8.  v. 8 Why do you suppose Herod sent the magi alone to Bethlehem, instead of soldiers?

9.  v. 9 What evidence is there that the star was miraculous and not merely an astronomical oddity?

10.  v. 11 Where did they find the Christ?  Who was there?  How old was Jesus?

11.  v. 11 What is the significance of the gifts?

12.  v. 12 Why do you suppose God spoke to the magi in a dream, instead of using the star?  How did they respond?  What does this say about the spirituality of these scientists?

13.  v. 13 Where was Joseph told to go, and for how long?

14.  v. 16 When did Herod send his soldiers to Bethlehem?  What were their instructions?  Why do you suppose that this episode is not recorded in history apart from the Bible?

15.  vv. 19-22 How did Joseph know when to leave Egypt, and where to go?

16.  v. 23  Where does the prophecy regarding the Nazarene come from?