The very first article I ever had published (in a college publication) was about man’s regression–how our intellectual capacity is shrunken, compared to that of the ancients.  Now a Stanford professor has come to the same conclusion.  Read it here.

His argument seems to be that civilization’s progress has interrupted “natural selection” [the death of the stupid ones], allowing their brain mutations to persist in the gene pool and contaminate posterity.  His hope is that our science will one day help us to correct mutations and eliminate the downward trend.

My argument was that mankind is progressively affected by sin and its consequences; and we will not get better until the Lord Jesus returns and miraculously changes everything through Unnatural Selection.

Whichever way you want to go, consider this:  as humanity grows dimmer, it is ever more important for us to be lights in our world, to show people the Truth that never mutates or degrades.  That’s the smart thing to do.