Dr. Oz made the declaration; Michelle Obama confirmed it.  Obesity is “Absolutely!”a greater threat to US national security than the following: (and some of these they consider really, REALLY bad!)

  • Al-Qaeda
  • Muslim Brotherhood
  • Iranian Nuclear capability
  • Chinese economic superiority
  • Massive cuts to the US Military
  • George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
  • Additional trillions of dollars of debt
  • Impending failure of the Social Security Disability Insurance fund
  • White supremacists
  • Collapse of the Euro
  • Mexican drug cartels
  • North Korean missiles
  • Pro-lifers
  • $9/gallon gasoline
  • Numerous coordinated attacks on our embassies and consulates
  • Massive drought
  • Fox News
  • Global warming
  • 8% unemployment
  • Beverages purchased in secure airports
  • Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan/John Boehner and all Republicans combined
  • Wiki-leaks release of classified documents
  • Benjamin Netanyahu
  • The Taliban and Afghan rebels and traitors
  • Rush Limbaugh

Oops–sorry.  I guess they include Rush as part of the threat.  And don’t forget me–Dr. Oz and Michelle O agree:  I’m the greatest!