This morning I want to go on record as supporting a national Voter IQ Law.  This is different from a Voter ID Law (which I also support) in that it is free, easily enforceable, and would address a documented national tragedy.

Don’t misunderstand:  I don’t mean that the voters have to have a high IQ, or even an average one.  I mean that voters should not be allowed to vote for candidates whose IQ’s are low enough to pose a threat to our nation.  Candidates have to report their finances; why not their intelligence?  Put it on the ballot right next to their party affiliation!  Election boards should refuse to certify any candidate whose IQ is as low as, say, this Congresswoman’s:

Brooklyn Rep. Yvette Clarke was the laughingstock of Brooklyn — and the nation — Wednesday after offering a preposterous explanation of New York history on “The Colbert Report.”

The pol told Stephen Colbert, in a spot that aired Tuesday night, that slavery persisted in Brooklyn until as late as 1898. In reality, slavery was legally abolished in New York in 1827.

“Some have called Brooklyn’s decision to become part of New York City ‘The Great Mistake of 1898,’ ” Colbert said. “If you could get in a time machine and go back to 1898, what would you say to those Brooklynites?”

“I would say to them, ‘Set me free,’ ” Clarke responded.

Pressed by Colbert to say what she would have been freed from, the African-American Democrat responded, “Slavery.”

“Slavery. Really? I didn’t realize there was slavery in Brooklyn in 1898,” Colbert followed.

“I’m pretty sure there was,” Clarke continued.

“Who would be enslaving you in 1898 in New York?” the quick-witted comic questioned, never one to let slip a priceless live TV moment.

Clarke responded: “The Dutch.”

We all know that the Dutch left power in NY in the 17th Century and slavery was banned in NY well before the Civil War.  (Read the rest of the article for the full story.)

By the way:  for those who think she was just joking, that’s just another sign we need my law.  Politicians running for office do not usually make jokes about their ignorance regarding their own districts. That’s just dumb.

If you want to really depress me, you can send me your examples of politicians’ shortcomings in the brain department by posting them here or sending them to my Facebook account at Robert D. Bowker.  Two requests, though:  please don’t send me anything about those who voted for Obamacare, or Joe Biden.  Those cases are already too well documented.