A letter to the editor in our local newspaper today excoriates a political candidate for misrepresenting Catholicism–for promoting policies that are not loving and sharing enough.  It seems odd to read this concerned Roman Catholic writer condemn the politician for religious hypocrisy, while he himself promotes a candidate who supports abortion rights (which are a clear violation of Vatican doctrine and policies).

Well, I’m not Catholic, but I can tell you what kind of political positions the Bible promotes:

  • Moral laws and just (and swift) punishments;
  • A flat income tax;
  • Distrust of powerful government;
  • Parental control over education;
  • Utilizing our natural resources, but doing it wisely;
  • Work as the normal means of income/support;
  • Family responsibility for its own elderly and poor;
  • Sanctity of human life and marriage between a man and a woman;
  • National exceptionalism, and intolerance toward enemies of the state;
  • Equal opportunity for every individual to grow from the condition into which they were born;
  • Protection of private property;
  • Wisdom and benefits in seeking profit;
  • Individual concern and care for the indigent–especially widows and orphans.

I could go on, and I could give you Scripture references for every one of these points.  And come to think of it, I could give Constitutional references for most (if not all) of them as well.  And I do not believe that we can expect God to bless out land if we knowingly violate His principles as we understand them from His Word.

Socialist, Progressive, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, Libertarian, Anarchist–all of these are titles defining a political viewpoint.  Let me add the most important one of all:  Bible believer.