Don’t you hate it when you ask a question and all you get for an answer is a canned, preplanned, predetermined scripted response?  That’s the problem I have with so many of the touch-tone telephone contact menus–the recorded voices often don’t answer MY question or allow any follow-up.  It’s also why I have stopped watching most of the presidential candidate debates:  the answers are already written, practiced, and memorized, and will be recited regardless of what the question is.  (I do follow the debates by reading various sources the following day to see if someone actually said something new or important.)  It’s when people get away from the script and speak their mind that we get a true picture of who they are and what they believe.

In the Gospels, Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 all cover the same teaching from our Lord concerning the coming 7 years of judgment on the earth; and both Mark 13:11 and Luke 21:14-15 both refer to an interesting detail.  Once the false prince arrives on the scene, accompanied by war, famine, disease,and all kinds of troubles, many believers will be killed for their faith–but before they are killed, they will be given the chance to speak.  And what should they say?

Whatever comes out of their mouths!  The believers of that day are specifically told NOT to prepare a speech, and not even to think about what they are going to say.  (If, as I believe, all the people in question have been Christians for only a very short time, they might not have the Biblical knowledge  or spiritual maturity to give a convincing answer.)  Rather, the Holy Spirit will speak through them in words of wisdom that the adversaries will not be able to refute or resist.  When the Spirit speaks, He will reveal Who He is and what He stands for–without any misplaced modifiers or debatable statistics!  And the listeners will know that they have been spoken to, and will not be able to ignore His message!

Does that mean that the church today should just sit around and wait for the Holy Spirit to do our witnessing for us?  No, He plays His own role in the process; but it is we as followers of Jesus who are commanded to go, preach, and make disciples.  And if we are going to be effective, we do not need a scripted, predetermined testimony–we need to have some Scripture in our heart, a salvation experience we can share, and a genuine love and concern for the lost souls around us.

So–when Luke 21:15 says that the adversaries will not be able to resist the words of the Holy Spirit, is that a commentary on the Sovereign Grace vs Free Will debate?  Does it mean that they will all become believers themselves?  Or does it mean something altogether different?  Study the passages I have referenced along with Revelation 6-7 to discover the answers, or come to my Sunday School class this week!