Thank you for your prayers yesterday. I finished Stories From the Psych Ward and uploaded it just before Midnight. It is now for sale in all ebook formats at Smashwords for a whopping $0.99! After review, it will be sent to the major distributors. It contains 16 stories–11 never published on the blog. As an English teacher, I am particularly proud of “Lee’s Story”; as a Christian, I am proud of “Preacher’s Story,” which includes the Gospel. See for purchase details.

Why am I charging for it?  I am unemployed, and every little bit helps; and the workman is worthy of his hire. 

So why am I charging so little?  Until I am an established and recognized author, I need to do everything I can to get my writing into people’s hands.  As I write and publish more, I will raise the prices based on value and what the market will bear.  (I originally priced this at $1.99, but felt bad when it  turned out to be only 40-50 pages, so I dropped the price this morning.  If you are the one person who bought it at $1.99, let me know and I will give you credit toward the next book.)