I wish!

But my mental illness didn’t go on vacation; it just accompanied me on mine. 

It joined me in the airports at Newark, Toronto, and especially Vancouver.  It spoke up just once during a bumpy spot in the air.  My depression is being held at bay, but the anxiety is fueled by the break from routine and the many unknowns around me but beyond my control. 

Things at home are beyond my control, too.  Relatives are staying at the house, but the dog bit a repairman.  There may need to be electrical work in our bedroom.  Dad Edwards is in the process of his chemo.  Short stories are awaiting the typing and rewriting process, which I can’t do on this notebook.  And of course, there is the whole job situation….

So in the meantime, I try to stay calm, appreciate the kiddos, and be a good father and poppa.  You don’t know how hard it can be until you have lived there.  And I hope you never have to live there.