A news article showed this picture of a stray dog with a jar over its head:


and it reminded me of the human condition.

We were all lost, astray in a dangerous world;

Either an adversary or our own curiosity trapped us inside a deadly snare;

We thought we could see, but we only saw through the colored glass of our sinful perspective;

We thought we were living, but we were headed for a certain death;

We could not partake of the Water of life or the Bread of life;

UNTIL someone came and rescued us.

Someone put out the call for help;

Many became involved in our rescue;

But nothing would help until we allowed ourselves to rest in the hands of the One who could remove our burden and give us new life.

We may have gone down kicking and scratching, but we surrendered to our salvation.

Nobody had to die in order for that dog to live;  it didn’t take the Blood of a Savior to accomplish its rescue,

Because it was only a dog.

We’re not dogs; we are made in the image and likeness of God

And it took the death of Jesus Christ to release us from the prison of our sin

And give us new life.

The question is:  what are we doing with that life?  Keep your head away from that jar,  join a loving family, and make a difference–and maybe someday you can rescue some other poor creature facing certain death.