In a news article (link at bottom of page), a left-wing candidate for the Green Party nomination for the US Presidency is quoted as stating her positions.  What she believes is a pretty good commentary on why  I am a conservative.

“I feel sorry for the American people who’ve been hoodwinked by both of these parties of nothing but criminals that sit in Congress there enriching themselves,”

Liberals apparently believe that all voters are ignorant, and all their representatives are rich crooks.  Conservatives believe that voters can be educated, and that people of character and integrity can be chosen to represent them.

“Other issues on [the candidate’s] platform include ending the Federal Reserve,

Well, I don’t have an issue there.

“…stopping “debt slavery” by “forgiving all school loans,

“Forgiving” is the right word.  A sin, crime, or offense must be forgiven–and failure to pay back thousands of dollars that one borrowed and promised to pay falls into that category.  Economically, when the banks receive nothing on their investments, they have less money to lend to businesses or homeowners, and less money to pay interest to the average saver.  Only a federal government takeover of all financial institutions could accomplish this goal.

“…withdrawing military support for Israel…

This is a biblical issue.  God promised to bless all those who supported the descendents of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.  In addition, Israel is the primary force in the world standing against the radical and terroristic wing of Islam.

“…and making war “obsolete.”

Liberals believe that they can change man’s sinful nature; remove all greed and territorialism, and eliminate all causes of war that can’t be negotiated away. 

“We can have a really great world. We can have a world that was at peace and was prosperous and efficient and just … I just think, wow. I think we’re really in that cosmic space where we can actually command our group will to make something change very quickly. I think we’re just so on the verge of that,” [the candidate]  said. “I just like to encourage people to jump off, man. Jump off and start thinking clearly.”

I understand that this candidate is an actress with a reputations for speaking her mind.  But when I hear what she has to say, it makes me want to, well, “…jump off, man.”

The article in question can be found here.