A recent news article (from New Jersey, of course) tells of a man who has repeatedly stolen a car, and then returned it a few hours later.  The reporter then challenges the readers to try to think of a motive for such a crime.  Duh!  It’s cheaper than taking a taxi or renting a car!

It reminds me of a parent I knew who had children in a school where I worked.  School policy required that parents MUST attend teacher conferences in the fall, or else they would not get the first quarter report card.  This one parent didn’t own a car, and didn’t want to pay for a cab; so every time one of these required meetings came up, the parent would walk to the nearest car dealership and test drive a car–test drive it all the way to school and back!  I often wondered about the sales person who waited for a couple of hours, hoping and praying that the car would be returned–but it always was.

At least this parent didn’t steal a car every time there was an appointment–Christian School parents have integrity!  (and ingenuity!)