My fifth- and sixth-great-grandfathers
Fought in the War for Independence;
My second-great grandfather
Fought in the War Between the States.
My great-uncle, my grandfather’s brother,
Fought in the War to End All Wars;
My uncles, brothers to my Dad,
Fought in the Second World War,
And Uncle Otto never came home.
My father, though he never saw combat,
Fought in the war against communism.
We remember.

My grandfather and I
Never fought those wars.
Too young for the last,
Too old for the next,
We had to count on others
To shed their blood for us.
But while we, he and I,
Shared gladness that we
Never stared down the barrel
Or marched through the blood,
We also have shared the gratitude
For what those other did
And have accepted the duty to
Fight the war at home.
The war for decency--
The war for righteousness--
The war for acceptance--
The war for family--
The war against corruption
And arrogance and social slavery.
We, he then and I now,
Fight the war to keep
Our communities safe and secure
And prosperous enough--
And proud enough --
To wave our flags
And to march through our streets
To the cemeteries where lie
Those who fought the other wars.
And we remember.
And we fight so that our children
And grandchildren
Will have the right
And the ability
And the willingness
To remember.
God bless America
And all Her loyal sons and daughters.