What if the Christian School movement had not arisen and come to prominence in the last 50 years?  Where would the Church be today?

(I don’t like to play “What if…” games, but I think that sometimes it helps us put issues into perspective, so here goes.)


  • What if all the money that churches spent on Christian Schools had been spent on foreign missions or domestic church plants?
  • What if the tuition spent by parents had been tithed and used to support church projects?
  • What if the remaining 90% were used by families to save, invest, pay for college, and otherwise prevent themselves from going into debt?
  • What if some of the teachers and administrators went into pulpit ministries, and the rest became missionaries in the workplace?
  • What if the students went into the public schools, and were told to be salt and light?
  • What if the budgets of AACS , ACSI, and other support groups went to support other ministries?
  • What if our school choirs never sang in nursing homes, and our special programs never  attracted unsaved family to be exposed to the gospel?
  • What if two generations of young people had never been “inoculated against” Christianity as represented by handbook-wielding pastors and teachers?


Would the world and the church be better places if Christian schools had never existed?  I don’t think so, but I welcome your comments, and I expect to revisit this topic as the Lord allows.