Man who beheaded, ate fellow passenger on Greyhouse bus in Canada wins bid to leave grounds of mental hospital.

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RDBowker:  O Canada!  The land of Greyhouse buses and untreated schizophrenia.  Maybe it wasn’t his fault–he got tired of waiting for an appointment at his socialized medical clinic, and needed a snack!  [Note:  the article has updated to let everyone know that this happened on a Greyhound bus; apparently the Greyhouse bus company was unhappy with the adverse publicity.]



Upstate New York woman busted for naked stroll through lumber store

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RDBowker:  Two warnings–watch out for slivers and shivers.



Michigan boy finds piece of a finger in Arby’s sandwich

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RDBowker:  Probably the healthiest thing on the menu.  No, seriously–“Turns out it tasted like finger.”?!?  I wonder what kind of warning label this lawsuit will result in: “Caution–product may give you the finger.”  (Gross scientific observation:  apparently human flesh is tougher than roast beef.)


Russian man gets stuck in building’s garbage chute while trying to hide from girlfriend

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RDBowker:  Sounds like a bad case of low self-esteem.  At least he will have stories (three stories, to be exact) to tell his grandchildren:  “And then I slid from the seventh floor down to the sixth floor, and I felt kind of safe from my evil girlfriend, but I knew she had arms like an orangutan, so….”


Immigrant’s use of phony Social Security card not a bar to naturalization

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RDBowker:  Wrong on so many levels.  You steal a person’s identity, and present a forged and fraudulent  instrument for the purpose of getting a job.  The law says that  making a false claim to U.S. citizenship is grounds for denying permanent residence and for deportation, but courts have restricted immigration’s right to penalize a person for claiming U.S. citizenship in employment.  So you can lie about your status, as long as you are trying to take a job away from a legitimate US citizen.  Am I missing something here?